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Contribution to “A Restless Field” on A Year in the Country

Though a new Depatterning record is in the making, I’ve contributed tracks to a couple of upcoming releases on the hauntology label A Year in the Country. The piece “Last Best West (circ. 1896)” is influenced on the unspoken conflict between the disposed First Nations people of Canada and the immigrant settlers who came to claim the land. Its based on the idea of there being traces, old magic or physical remnants, that these new farmers would have encountered.

A more detailed description of the project is below:

“The Restless Field” is a study of the land as a place of conflict and protest as well as beauty and escape; an exploration and acknowledgment of the history and possibility of protest, resistance and struggle in the landscape/rural areas, in contrast with more often referred to urban events.

It takes inspiration from flashpoints in history while also interweaving personal and societal myth, memory, the lost and hidden tales of the land.


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