electricity . childhood . farming . canada

Biographical Details

Gary Mentanko is a Dublin, Ireland based sound artist working in hacked and handmade electronics. Born in the late 70’s in rural Saskatchewan, Canada, his project Depatterning attempts to recall the haze of childhood through electronic interludes, rhythmic decay and the sound of farm equipment.

.                 .                      .

Through exhaustive sound collecting and audio manipulation his goal is to catalogue a sort of “culture of lost Canada” and present it in ways nearly remembered. This is balanced with an examination on the effect modern civilization has had on rural life in the 20th century, artistically portrayed in strangled sounds and blank spaces of sound             .                .                   .


Future releases will continue to feature his work with the m-Log, various circuit bent devices, brokenly played instruments, electromagnetic headphones, shortwave radio, field recordings and a not-so-slow computing machine.


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