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“Lost Canada”: Research Method Twelvish

imagesFrom 1950 to 1970 the Saskatchewan Government undertook the process of naming geo-memorial locations in the northern area of the province, identifying locations with the names of approximately 3800 fallen servicemen. These locations consist of various lakes, islands and bays spread throughout the region.

Sam Prokopchuk died in the last days of the war.

“Lost Canada”: Research Method Eleven

In looking at the causes of small town depopulation, often one is confronted with similar stories: the mine closes, the rail line moves, the crops fail. However, the hamlet of Old Wives had a unique reason for abandonment: after the Great War most of the menfolk did not return. A community becomes a widow. “Old Wives, SK: Hillsborough, No. 132” by Depatterning (from the “Huddled Tone EP”

“Lost Canada”: Research Method Ten

Uranium City, SK is located in the northwest corner of Saskatchewan and was a premier mining center for uranium in the middle of the 20th century. Due to the closure of the mines in the early 80’s the town has been drastically reduced in population and services. In the winter it is the loneliest place in the world and incidence of ghost habitation has been on the increase ever since the hospital closed down. The town is not accessible by road and contactable only by telegraph. “Uranium City, SK” by Depatterning (from the “Liminal Farm EP”)

“Lost Canada”: Research Method Nine

Irish born, Humphrey Lloyd Hime was the photographer and surveyor for the second year of the Canadian expedition to Red River led by Henry Youle Hind in 1858. Aside from the addition of a national power grid, things remain mostly the same.

The Prairie Looking West by Depatterning (from the “Liminal Farm EP”)

“Lost Canada”: Research Method Eight

After the second World War, with only a small down payment, Canadian ex-servicemen could purchase viable land with the help of a government loan. They could settle their family in a rural community and toil for the the rewards of the liminal farm.

The Veterans’ Land Act by Depatterning (from the “Liminal Farm EP”)

“Lost Canada”: Research Method Seven

The Canadian Forestry Service presents, through this medium, an appeal on the level of the child’s imagination. An attempt has been made to make the forest real, alive, beautiful, something that needs protection – a part of his or her life.

Forestry Lessons 2 (A Slow Adventure) by Depatterning (from “the Forestry Lessons EP”)

“Lost Canada”: Research Method Six

Sometimes fascinating, sometimes stuffy, Glenn Gould’s career of tape music ended significantly before the availability of easy digital manipulation. Performed on Boston Upright and malfunctioning Max/MSP patch.

The Gould Freq. by Depatterning (from the “Forestry Lessons EP”)

“Lost Canada”: Research Method Five


A favorite Saskatachewan pastime is riding around on ATV’s in the rural sandpits used in the construction industry. Some seem to go on forever. As does this track.

Futher Along the Bear Pits by Depatterning (from the Forestry Lessons EP)

“Lost Canada”: Research Method Four

It turns out that nature is not only reserved for the Canadian wilderness. It has been acknowledged in other places, such as Ireland. This is a humble frequency stripping of the group Whackin’ Off the Cat for Secrets’ “Branchels”. This version doesn’t make the original any better nor does it make it worse. It’s even keel.

Branchels by Whackin’ Off the Cat for Secrets and Depatterning

“Lost Canada”: Research Method Three

Saskatchewan is large. Nearly as big as Russia if you were to measure it within your mind. Humphrey Lloyd Hime’s photograph, “The prairie, on the banks of Red River, looking south” from 1858 should be examined for reference on this. The humble grid road is Autobahn of the the Prairies so courtesy must be adhered to.

Courtesy on the Grid by Depatterning (from the Forestry Lessons EP)

“Lost Canada”: Research Method Two

A salt water lake in south east Saskatchewan formed by receding glaciers. Water salinity is so high that bathers can float on the surface. Untouched by corporate development. If Sasktachewan were the world, one of the 7 Wonders. Created with hiss and malfunctioning keyboard.

Little Lake Manitou by Depatterning (from the “Forestry Lessons EP”)

“Lost Canada”: Research Method One

Manipulation of the English folk song “Early One Morning” as played by the Friendly Giant, Bob Homme. The program aired in the morning, though some of the setting took place during the night, thus causing the memories to be muddled.

Look Up, Way Up by Depatterning



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Thanks, Gareth. Will have those out to you tomorrow afternoon. Hope you enjoy. Also, which station and date of your show?



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