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Preserves: Live Performance



A screening and live sound performance staged at the Roxy Cinema at 7PM. 320 20th St West, Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Sound augmentation and synthesis by Gary Mentanko (Depatterning) with films by Clark Nikolai, Shawn Fulton, Susan Shantz, and Shona J. Dietz.


Tickets to the Sounds Like Art Festival can be purchased at:


Sound Work for Sounds Like Audio Art Fest

Despite the fact that I’ve been living in Europe for the last few years, my devout and perhaps naive interest in representing a Canadian childhood in memory seems to have paid off. A couple of months ago I was asked to re-score a series of archived films from the AKA Gallery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, only as few hours away from where I was born. I’m also privileged to get to attend and perform my work for the Sound Like Festival this July, hosted by PAVED Arts.

Here’s a glimpse of the films I have been working with, most of them produced between the 80’s and 90’s when I spent a lot of time watching the Beachcombers on television. Apologize to the directors if I muddle up the themes and/or plot.

anhanger “Anhanger” by Clark Nikolai

A bizarre looping film in which a man is seemingly haunted by a recurring homeless man. Lots of fantastic but jarring bus sounds.





“Any Where But Here” by Shawn Fulton

A film in two parts. First we observe a middle aged man’s denile of age through his obsession with his spoiling jack-o-lantern. The second half follows a young man on the the road who encounters an interesting creature. Weird stuff.


Quiltmaker“Frances Mateychuck: Quiltmaker” by Susan Shantz

A documentary following one Ukrainian woman’s incredible collection of intricately patterned quilts. Though she humbly presents them as simple projects, she’s seems to have basically weaved the entire cosomos and geometric consciousness into dozens of cozy piles. Amazing.


Matterandspaceintime“Matter And Space In Time” by Shona J. Dietz

Another documentary, though this one allows the setting to act as the narrator as the filmmaker tries to reconcile her memories with the passing of time in her grandparent’s house. A film that has illuminated something in me.


The Sounds Like Festival takes place Thursday, July 25 through Saturday, July 27th, 2013 in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

Old Obsessions, Still Present

screenshot_06 screenshot_08 screenshot_09 screenshot_10 screenshot_11 screenshot_14 screenshot_16 screenshot_17 screenshot_18Goodness. I found the oldest images on my computing station the other day and realize that some things will not go away.

On my mind, seemingly for more than a decade:


Negative film

Soviet Constructivism

Test Cards

Library Music

Nikola Tesla

Lev Sergeevich Termen

Ghost Box art

Grain Elevators

Power stations

The 1910’s

The 1920’s

The 1930’s

The 1940’s



The Woodlander’s Index EP


Limited to 100 copies, with all copies being made of a different species of wood, the next Depatterning release, The Woodlander’s Index EP is now available here.

Are you a oak man or a yew lass? Hardwood or soft? Should trees be considered a crop?

Each handmade copy of the Woodlander’s Index will also contain:

– a 3″ CD
– a 3″ DVD with foresting videos from Joshua Rogers (HBO, NASA)
– an individualized “woods of the world” fact card
– wise words from Philip Larkin

Heart of Ice: Now Available

Christian Tizya’s documentary on the legend, condition and prophecy of the Windigo, “Heart of Ice” is now available for purchase at Watson Street.

$9.99 for digital download.
$19.99 for DVD (including shipping).

Features howls and drones from Depatterning.

The Blasted Heath (Sold Out)

An interpretation of the H.P. Lovecraft story “The Colour Out of Space” as part of the Wist Rec “Book Report Series“.

Despite its horrifying mood, for some reason I’ve been more interested in the wonky science that the tale puts forth.

Recent soundtrack work

Despite the set back of having my communication center stolen recently, I’m still frantically working on sounds for Christian Tizya’s documentary on the Wendigo legend. The Wendigo is a mythological creature in Algonquian folklore that could possess humans and give them cannibalistic and murderous cravings.

The director:

“In this documentary, through recreations and interviews with historians, criminologists and native elders we’ll explore the current events within Western Canada and how they compare to the Windigo incidents of the late 1800’s. We will look into the unexplained condition of those days and into explanations of modern times as to why western Canada is still haunted by the phenomenon of ‘Windigo’.”

The full trailer can be viewed here at Watson Street Films.


I’ve also had the privilege to contribute to Elysia Bourne’s short film “The Elevator at Parkbeg.” Grain elevators were once the focal point of rural communities around Canada’s prairies. However, the few that are left are in danger of being pulled down. The film examines the role that  grain elevators have played, not only on the physical landscape but also the personal effect they’ve had over folk. Here are some stills from the film: